Chadar Trek: A Hike On The Famous Frozen River Of Zanskar

The Chadar trek, also known as the Zanskar Gorge trek, is a winter trail that crosses the Zanskar River in the Indian union territory of Ladakh. Few other travel options exist in this region during the winter season, so the Chadar is a popular choice among foreign adventure tourists. This adventure tour can be quite demanding and requires a good level of physical fitness. The journey takes about a week and includes a series of challenging climbs.

We planned our Chadar trek in November and decided to go on the trek in the second week of January. We consulted Sam K. Pandepa to advise us on the trek. Sam K. Pandepa guided us thoroughly for the Trek. And he shared a link with us which contains all the useful information about the Chadar trek.

Chadar trek preparation

Getting to the Chadar trek can be a challenge if you have never done one before. The altitude, weather, and altitude of the area are extreme, so don’t underestimate your physical capacity. It is important to remember that a few days of preparation can make a big difference in the outcome of your trip. The first few days of the trek are the most difficult, so it’s important to be well prepared and have enough time to recover before the trek.

You should arrive in Leh a few days before the trek begins. It is wise to take a few acclimatizations walks in order to acclimate. Although you will not gain much altitude during the trek, a small change in temperature can be significant. The terrain can also be unpredictable, so it is important to check the weather forecast in advance. The temperature can fluctuate drastically during the trek, so you should bring a warm layer of clothing.

The Chadar trek is a long and arduous trip. It is important to prepare yourself mentally and physically for all possible conditions. Before setting out on your journey, it is important to book a tour with a reputable company. Read reviews and talk to people before choosing adventure partners. Make sure that the trek leader is qualified and has experience in trekking in the mountains. The right gear is an essential part of your trip. Thermals, socks, a down jacket, gloves, and a down jacket will keep you warm and protected from cold and wind.


Best time for the trek

The best time to go on the Chadar trek is between January 7th and 15th February. This is because the river stays frozen to its best during this time in the winter months. But make sure you check the weather before heading out. However, if you do not want to risk your health or the safety of your fellow trekkers, you can skip this adventure and stick to other popular trekking destinations.

Acclimatization for the trek

While the first few days of your trek may be for acclimatization, the final few days are demanding. A full-day tour of the region includes four nights of camping in the mountains. This is not a vacation, but a trip that requires a lot of planning and determination.

Getting to the mountains before the trek is an important part of your preparation. You’ll need acclimatization walking shoes for the altitude. This is important because you will not be gaining much altitude during the trek, and even the slightest change in temperature can have a huge effect on the weather. In addition, the Chadar can be dangerous if the ground is slippery. If you’re not prepared for the cold, you’ll have a tough time surviving on the frozen river.

Beautiful Location

The Chadar trek trail is beautiful to spend time on. Its location is a perfect place to see snow, but there are many risks that you should be aware of. You should not underestimate the challenge of the terrain but the natural beauty of it makes it worth it. The temperatures in the mountains are often below freezing, which is why you’ll need to take warm clothes. You’ll also have to prepare yourself mentally for the challenges that await you. Luckily, the trail is paved, but there are no hotels or toilets.

The Chadar trek typically starts and ends in Chilling. You’ll pass through the campsites of Tibb cave and Nerak, and the river continues to flow further into the valley. As the river deepens, the formation becomes more unpredictable. Moreover, it’s not always easy to predict the weather on the Chadar. As you’ll discover, you’ll need to acclimate to the high altitude before you begin your journey.

Chadar trek 2022 suspension

On the 23rd of December 2021, the DM office of Ladakh released a notice stating that Chadar Trek 2022 is suspended. The Chadar trek was suspended due to the Upsurge of Covid cases. And during that time Omnicron variant of the Corona Virus was also detected among a few covid patients.